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If you are a woman, Latino or African American, we want you to know some vital facts about programming:

  • It is not as hard as you think
  • It can be fun — lots of fun
  • It can be a very rewarding career (not just financially)
  • It is a science — but one that is very rich with art and creativity
  • It can be an entryway to other careers — including being your own boss
  • It does not have to be your life — it can just be a well-paying job
  • It does not involve you and your computer alone in a dark room all day — tech is also a very social and community-driven environment
  • A four-year college degree in computer science is NOT required
  • Any college degree would be nice, but it is NOT required
  • It pays ridiculously well
  • We know for a FACT that you can do it!
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